Interview: The Smoking Hearts

March 14, 2010

I recently interviewed the new punks on the block The Smoking Hearts for The Linc, check it out!

As of late, the UK punk scene has been booming. Bands such as “Gallows”, “Hexes” and “The Ghost Of A Thousand” are all taking the live music scene by storm and leaving a trail of destruction across Britain. One band hoping to follow in their footsteps are “The Smoking Hearts”. Luke Morton caught up with vocalist Rodd Lethal for a quick chat.

Lethal describes his punk rock troupe as: “Good old fashioned, throw a TV out the hotel window, rock and roll. Played by five misfits who grew up on a diet of punk, metal and beer.”

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Review: The Smoking Hearts – Pride Of Nowhere

March 2, 2010

Another new punk band is on the scene, this time named The Smoking Hearts. Hailing from merry ol’ London town, I gave their debut album a listen over for the guys at One Metal.

In what seems to be THE year for UK punk, comes the debut album from London punks The Smoking Hearts. Filled with such a raw sound that makes Sex Pistols look overproduced, Pride Of Nowhere is sure to be a hit with the mohikan-sporting music lovers.

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