A Spiderman Musical?

February 26, 2009

Yes you read it correctly, a musical based on the superhero Spiderman. Possibly the weirdest idea for a broadway show ever concocted is actually hitting the stage in 2010…but that’s not the worst part.

U2’s Bono and The Edge are writing the music and the lyrics for this random piece of theatre, which is one perfectly good reason why I never want to witness it ever. U2 have never been on my favourite band list, in fact they appear on the opposite. I can’t stand that Geldoff wannabe telling the Western world how to live, if you don’t like it Bono then just leave.

The Edge I have nothing against, other than the fact he’s in U2. As such I won’t be seeing it, not that I enjoy musicals I am a fan of the Spiderman series – also it’s only being put on in New York. I suppose they had to find a theatre big enough to house Bono’s ego.

Download Festival: Third Announcement

February 20, 2009

I haven’t posted on here in a long time now, but I have been busy. A number of things have cropped up; writing reviews for Thrash Hits, playing Football Manager Live and generally being busy. But alas I have found time to give another brief rundown of how good/bad I feel Download Festival is going so far.

The first band to be announced in this third installment of the Download lineup is Marilyn Manson. There’s a lot of mixed opinion about this man and his band, and to be honest I have a mixed opinion as well. On CD Manson and Co. are great, I could happily sit through his greatest hits and think “yeah, all these songs are good” but when it came to seeing MM live in 2007 I wasn’t all that impressed. The constant changing of costume and the poor stageshow was just disappointing. I’d been hearing all weekend how good his stageshow’s are etc but it was nothing special at all, I hope this year he brings something new to the table.

The second band is one of my favourites, Killswitch Engage. Having seen them in 2007 at Download Festival and 2006 at Leeds Festival I have to say KSE were born to play festivals. Being able to control a crowd of that size is simply incredible, and the music is equally as good. I can see KSE going down a storm at Donington this year, I’m guessing on the main stage – bring it on!

The final band in the third announcement for Download Festival is beardy weirdies ZZ Top! I’m not going to pretend I’m a huge fan because I’m not, I can name 2 songs by them. But at the same time I’m definately going to be watching, some true old rock will be on this year with Whitesnake and Def Leppard already confirmed. I can’t wait to see what other bands will come out the woodwork, hopefully some true rock legends!

Download Festival: Second Announcement

February 13, 2009

Four more bands have been announced for Donington this year, one of which I mentioned in my reformation post yesterday – that band is Limp Bizkit. Despite the fact Fred and pals haven’t released new material in many years, I think I’ll have to check them out purely for the fact Chocolate Starfish… was one of those albums every 12 year old had and thought it was awesome. It’ll definitely be a laugh if nothing else.

Another band announced is one of the mainstage headliners to join Slipknot, Def Leppard! The rock n roll giants are gracing Donington once more after their successful tour with Whitesnake last year. Speaking of which, guess who are Def Leppard’s special guests at Download this year? Well done, it’s Whitesnake! David Coverdale is bringing his style of hair metal to Donington for the fourth time in their career. I’ll most likely be watching both of these bands, Leppard will be a great spectacle and Whitesnake should just be fun.

The final band to be announced is Trivium, and I’m not impressed. Trivium were good 3 years ago when Matt Heafy wasn’t in his James Hetfield phase. I saw Trivium at Download 2006 shortly after he stopped screaming and started ‘singing’ and they were dire. I doubt I’ll be watching them this year, there’ll be someone better on for sure.

Reformed In The USA

February 12, 2009

‘Cashing in’ seems to be the term of the week in terms of bands doesn’t it? Both Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit have officially announced their comeback and it appears no-one believes a word of it. Sure they’re both going to be touring this year and will most likely make a new album too, but is it all for the money?

Blink 182 apparently have reformed due to Travis’ plane accident and that they all realised life is too short to be annoyed at each other. It seems fairly plausible but last year both Travis and Mark announced their hatred for Tom DeLonge, but this has all disappeared and Blink are back…hooray.

Limp Bizkit too hasn’t come as much of a shock, there have been rumours for months circulating the internet. Fred Durst and pals are back with the original lineup, which has been attempted before. Wes Borland did rejoin Bizkit briefly but there was no real success from it, however the hype this time could prove different. Bizkit are apparently playing Download Festival this year which may also contribute to some more fame and more importantly cash this year. It’ll keep Mr. Durst stocked up in Yankee hats for the future.

Download Festival: First Announcement

February 9, 2009

For those of you who listen to metal or alternative music in general, Download Festival may be on your calendar this year…it’s definitley on mine this year! After last year’s abysmal attempt at a good rock lineup, I’ve got every confidence that LiveNation will this year sort out Download Festival. So here’s my opinion on the first announced bands…

Slipknot: The only headliner act announced so far is the Iowan masked nine-piece, and I couldn’t be happier. For those of you who read my review of Slipknot’s Sheffield gig you’ll know how much I love this band. Slipknot are surely going to deliver at Donington this year, after a two year absence. Announced during the Sheffield show Slipknot will be performing the whole of their debut album during shows this year to commemorate its 10th anniversary. This is going to be one of those ‘I was there’ moments.

The Prodigy: Having caught one of their songs at Download ’06 (before rushing to see Guns ‘n’ Roses) I will catch them this time if it kills me. With their fusion of dance and rock, Prodigy are welcomed by everyone at Donington whether you’re an ageing metalhead or a teenie-bopper. I’ll be there though screaming along to Their Law, bring it on!

Korn: I saw these at Download ’07 and ’06 (despite Davies not being there) and they were a true highlight of the weekend. Korn always put on a fantastic show and I’m sure this year will be no different, I just hope they’re put on the main stage this year after the 2007 fiasco.

Pendulum: Much like Prodigy, Pendulum are a welcomed addition to Donington – but not by everyone. Drum & bass has divided both fans of rock and dance music, so undoubtedly it has divided Download. I’ll be there though, as long as they don’t neglect the first album.

Dragonforce: Not a band I’d have hoped for to be honest, I saw them at Download in ’06 and thought they were awful. They were on the main stage and the sound didn’t travel well at all, the constant random guitar-tapping was inaudible and I was left feeling a bit disappointed. I doubt I’ll watch them this year.

Motley Crue: I caught the last part of their set in ’07 and thought it was awesome, despite the fact they’re now older than their glory days and Vince has piled on the pounds. If they don’t clash with someone I haven’t seen before I shall be there showing my ‘wild side’.

Devil Driver: Famously attempting the Guinness world record for largest mosh/circle pit during their last Download appearance, the metal titans are back and this time I will try to see them. The past times I’ve been at Donington I’ve missed them, but I will definitley catch them this year…hopefully.

Anyone else going to Download this year? What’s your opinion?

Why Should I Care About Florence’s Machine?

February 8, 2009

Yet again, the so-called ‘cool’ and ‘groundbreaking’ music news outlets are raving about some band or other, this time in the guise of Florence And The Machine. I’ve mentioned this band before in my post about the NME Awards tour but didn’t really pay them much attention, but throughout the past week or so I’ve seen them gaining more and more coverage throughout the music media and I thought I was missing something. So I thought I’d give Florence… a little listen.

The first song I listened to was their first single ‘Kiss With A Fist’. A nice happy song title I know, but it is one you’d expect from some second-rate metal band – not the next big thing in indie. But who knows maybe they’re being unconventional or non-conformist. The song itself is indeed what I’d expected, unoriginal indie noise that has been overpowering radiowaves for the past few years. The vocals were very similar to that of Kate Nash and as were the lyrics, the whole ‘singing about things that happen in my life and make them rhyme’ style of song seems to still be going strong…sadly. The music itself isn’t too bad, it’s fairly simple in its construction and is somewhat reminiscent of early White Stripes fused with The Ting Tings with basically just a guitar and drums. The vocals though do let the song down, at one point it sounded like Florence had something in her mouth which obstructed her speech.

The second song is entitled ‘Hospital Beds’ and was much different to ‘Kiss With A Fist’. The song is acoustically driven, featuring just a guitar and vocals, but again the singing lets the song down. The track begins with Florence singing without accompaniment which to be honest strains the ears and at points becomes completely audible in what she is singing. The song though speeds up near the middle which begins to sound promising but it never really delivers the goods, Florence is still screeching over the music.

The final song I listened to was ‘You Got The Love’ which is much much better than the previous two tracks, so much so I think I actually like it – despite it being a cover. The music was great and well put together, the harp was a very neat little addition to the song. The vocals work well with the whole backing band, it somehow blends into the mix. The lyrics though are still rather weak, there’s a lot of repitition of the chorus throughout the song – bad move. The original song is longer than Florences version though, possibly being the reason for the constant repitition. The song itself though is quite uplifting in its music and style, the kind of song you hear during an appeal for Comic Relief.

Overall I feel that Florence And The Machine have the ability to be a great band, possibly taking 2009 by storm. However there a few poor tracks in their arsenal which hopefully will be scrapped and replaced with happier bouncier songs such as ‘You Got The Love’. Admittedly the lyrics are cheesy but not all music can be serious can it? Saying that though some seriousness has to be paid toward writing the songs, both ‘Hospital Beds’ and ‘Kiss With A Fist’ are dire. Here’s hoping their debut album is fuelled by happiness and fun, not dreary vocals and unoriginality.

Turning It To 11…Again

February 5, 2009

‘Legendary’ heavy metal band Spinal Tap have announced they will be recording new material this year.

Famous for their hugely popular ‘mockumentary’ This Is Spinal Tap, the group of deluded rockstars have announced they will be releasing new material available for download later this year – followed by physical releases.

Derek Smalls (aka actor Harry Shearer) informed BBC Radio 5Live which songs would be released later this year; “We’ve never recorded the song we did at Live Earth, ‘Warmer Than Hell’,” he said. “I think they [Spinal Tap] are trying to revisit their old success.”

Unlike some rock sceptics/cynics out there, I’m a huge fan of Spinal Tap and love the fact they’re making a return this year. Having seen the film upteen times and also owning the album This Is Spinal Tap, I will definitley be buying their latest material. Maybe a tour is in order as well? Spinal Tap touring the UK stadiums would sell out many times over and nothing would stop me from getting a ticket, ‘Stonehenge’ live would be a true sight to behold.

Spinal Tap – Big Bottom (Live At Live Earth 2007)