Review: Les Savy Fav – Root For Ruin

November 19, 2010

Here’s a review of Les Savy Fav’s lastest album, for There Goes The Fear.

Sometimes there are bands that just deserve to be famous. Those bands who you simply know are good but whenever you mention them to someone else you’re looked at like you just slapped their grandmother. It simply defies belief that some bands just aren’t famous, despite being head and shoulders above the current top five bands in the charts. One of these bands is Les Savy Fav.

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Interview: Benji Webbe

November 11, 2010

I spoke to Benji Webbe from Skindred and Dub War for The Linc.

Benji Webbe is quite possibly one of the coolest people to have come out of the Welsh music scene. Despite his name not being as big as Ian Watkins from Lostprophets or Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine, Webbe is still flying the flag for Welsh rock bands everywhere.

With a career spanning over 15 years, Webbe has been involved heavily in the ragga-metal scene with his first outfit Dub War and current band Skindred. Dub War split in 1999 and left a lot of fans disappointed, but Earache Records have recently released a CD/DVD combi entitled “The Dub, The War & The Ugly”. But why release this box set now?

“It’s been a few years since Dub War died and there’s still not a gig I’ve played since, that people young and old don’t ask me about the band,” Webbe said.

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Live Review: Tubelord At SCY In Lincoln

November 11, 2010

A review of Tubelord’s performance at SCY in Lincoln, for The Linc.

Once ten o’clock rolled around Tubelord took to the stage to a huge ovation from the still amassing crowd. The throng of people were all pushing their way to the front in order to see the quartet do what they do best. For this tour though, singer Joe Prendergast was stepping down from vocal duties due to throat problems and Alan Welsh from Colour took over.

As the crowd pushed closer together and further toward the stage the sense of intimacy became more apparent. Tubelord are getting more famous as time rolls on, but they’re still able to tour small venues and give the music a stronger sense of atmosphere.

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Feature: The Sound Of Change

November 11, 2010

I wrote a feature for The Linc on bands changing their style, whether it’s an evolution of music or a search for money.

It has become a common theory amongst music fans nowadays: “their older stuff is better”. The tracks on the first album have been carefully crafted for years and played to death at various pubs and clubs around the country, until the perfect sound is discovered.

Then the band gets signed. The demand for material is much higher and much quicker and things start to sound different. But is it because they have less time to hone their skills and alter their original sound to be more creative? Or is it just the pursuit of making more money?

Craig Hamilton, owner of Birmingham based record label Commercially Inviable Records, says: “Some of the best groups in history were shape-shifters and some of the dullest plodded down the same safe paths.”

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Interview: Fearne Cotton

November 11, 2010

I interviewed the Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton for The Linc before she came to Lincoln on the Radio 1 Student Tour.

One of the biggest bands to play Lincoln in recent years – 30 Seconds To Mars – are hitting the Engine Shed next month. Accompanying the American rock giants are Radio 1 DJs Fearne Cotton and Zane Lowe. Lowe will be broadcasting his show live on Radio 1 from the Engine Shed and Cotton will be recording her Live Lounge set in the city too.

“We’re all really excited about it, I’m looking forward to lots of bits of it, but then dreading bits of it like living on a tour bus,” Fearne said. “The actual tour itself is going to be so fun, we’ve obviously got such a good line up and it’ll be nice spending some time with Mr. Lowe as well.”

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Live Review: Fun Lovin’ Criminals At Lincoln Engine Shed

November 11, 2010

A live review of Fun Lovin’ Criminals at the Engine Shed in Lincoln, for The Linc.

After The Chemists had left the stage it was time for possibly the coolest band to have ever played the city to take to the stage. The half-size Engine Shed was fit to burst with Fun Lovin’ Criminal fans who erupted in an explosion of applause and cheers as the New Yorkers kicked into the funkalicious “We, The Three”.

As soon as front man Huey Morgan made his presence known it was obvious he was in control of the stage and audience. The crowd were eating up everything he had to say, even when the joke he tried to tell was ruined by a woman in the crowd – leading to booing from everyone else.

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Interview: The Chemists

November 11, 2010

I interviewed up-and-coming indie rockers The Chemists for The Linc.

Tuesday, September 14th sees the alternative hip hop group Fun Lovin’ Criminals play the Engine Shed for the first gig of the academic year. Supporting Huey and the gang are Bristol-based rockers The Chemists.

Having supported Fun Lovin’ Criminals on their previous tour they’ve teamed up to be back on the road again, The Chemists’ guitarist Sam James said: “We had such a blast touring with them; we just had to say yes”.

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