Review: Warpaint – The Fool

January 7, 2011

I reviewed Warpaint’s The Fool for There Goes The Fear.

Since their 2008 EP ‘Exquisite Corpse’, Warpaint have been on the radar of all those with an interest in atmospheric rock. Now two years on, the all female quartet have released their debut album entitled ‘The Fool’.

Starting with the exceptionally chilled ‘Set Your Arms Down’, the tone of the LP is set almost instantly. Soft, slow and relaxed music is intertwined with some great vocals from front woman Emily Kokal. Her voice is so delicate yet so powerful, it’s almost entrancing at times. Comparable to artists such as the xx and jj, the experimental minimalism of Warpaint is quite complex. Many layers in each track are so well timed and used so precisely that every nuance is a necessity. Tracks such as ‘Warpaint’ and ‘Majesty’ are brilliant examples of how well structured the Los Angeles foursome are.

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Review: Les Savy Fav – Root For Ruin

November 19, 2010

Here’s a review of Les Savy Fav’s lastest album, for There Goes The Fear.

Sometimes there are bands that just deserve to be famous. Those bands who you simply know are good but whenever you mention them to someone else you’re looked at like you just slapped their grandmother. It simply defies belief that some bands just aren’t famous, despite being head and shoulders above the current top five bands in the charts. One of these bands is Les Savy Fav.

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Review: Violent Soho – Violent Soho

September 3, 2010

Here’s my review of the Aussie alternative rockers Violent Soho’s debut eponymous album for OneMetal.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia this alternative rock four-piece are ready to show the world why Aussies still produce some of the hottest prospects on the music scene. Violent Soho‘s debut self-titled album is a ten track flurry of punk rhythms coupled with grungey vocals and an attitude that Harry Enfield’s comic embodiment of adolescent snottiness Kevin The Teenager would be envious of.

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Review: Godsized – The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave

August 24, 2010

I gave the Croydon metallers latest EP a going over for Onemetal recently, have a gander!

Often, a band’s image is deceiving. Sometimes, a band who look big and scary can play some of the softest, most emotional music you’ve ever heard. Similarly, some of the skinniest, jean wearing weaklings can make such an almighty racket you find yourself feeling guilty for judging them beforehand. Sometimes though, you just want a band to sound how they appear.

Godsized look like they literally invented metal. They sport some of the most impressive beards you’ve ever seen, and a stare that could make a grizzly bear cry. At first glance then, the music you hope to come out of your speakers would be the most down-tuned brutal noise your brain has been forced to endure. The artwork itself for The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave is overtly metal: skeletons, guns, bullets, the word ‘death’ and an ace of spades. If the picture managed to cram in a scantily-clad woman, it would be a poster on every metaller’s bedroom wall.

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Review: Young Guns – All Our Kings Are Dead

August 4, 2010

Young Guns released their debut album earlier last month and I gave it the ol’ review for

At the minute there are a very large handful of bands all seemingly trapped in the same vein of music. All wanting to distinguish themselves as ‘alternative’ by the ever useful genre tag ‘alternative rock’, these bands rarely stray from the same formula. Big sounding noise coupled with a lot of gang vocals and the ability to excite people live with the most mediocre of techniques. To stop any confusion here are a number of ‘alternative rock’ bands: Lostprophets, Fightstar, The Blackout and We Are The Ocean. One of the newest faces on the scene though are the Buckinghamshire quintet Young Guns.

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Review: The Glitterati – Are You One Of Us?

May 21, 2010

A review for OneMetal of The Glitterati’s latest album Are You One Of Us?

“Move with the times” is something a lot of bands tend to receive as advice from critics and fans alike. Bands such as Green Day heeded this call and ultimately ended up changing their style completely in the pursuit of record sales. Some bands however ignore this advice and revert back to the older style of rock & roll. This is not a negative thing, but it’s hard to make a name for yourself in a genre which has been done before – and much better than you can.

The Glitterati are the hard rock quintet who are hoping to reconquer the world of 80s metal (Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue etc) despite being part of the 2010 ever moving music machine. With the release of their second album ‘Are You One Of Us?’ aiming to win over music fans young and old, it’s going to be a tough job.

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Review: Subsource – Tales From The Doombox

May 21, 2010

Here’s a review of Subsource’s debut album Tales From The Doombox, which I wrote for the lovely peeps at OneMetal.

There have always been bands which try to crossover from the electro/dance scene into the world of rock music. Legendary acts such as The Prodigy are arguably the most successful in this field. Other acts such as Enter Shikari, HORSE The Band and Klaxons are also noted for their innovation in ‘nu-rave’ and ‘nintendocore’.

Subsource are no exception to this crossover genre, and are very much stuck in the vein of The Prodigy. Focusing much more on lyrics to drive the songs forward, rather than catchy synth beats or heavy basslines – Subsource are out to become the next big thing in rock and dance music.

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