Reformed In The USA

February 12, 2009

‘Cashing in’ seems to be the term of the week in terms of bands doesn’t it? Both Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit have officially announced their comeback and it appears no-one believes a word of it. Sure they’re both going to be touring this year and will most likely make a new album too, but is it all for the money?

Blink 182 apparently have reformed due to Travis’ plane accident and that they all realised life is too short to be annoyed at each other. It seems fairly plausible but last year both Travis and Mark announced their hatred for Tom DeLonge, but this has all disappeared and Blink are back…hooray.

Limp Bizkit too hasn’t come as much of a shock, there have been rumours for months circulating the internet. Fred Durst and pals are back with the original lineup, which has been attempted before. Wes Borland did rejoin Bizkit briefly but there was no real success from it, however the hype this time could prove different. Bizkit are apparently playing Download Festival this year which may also contribute to some more fame and more importantly cash this year. It’ll keep Mr. Durst stocked up in Yankee hats for the future.