Download Festival: First Announcement

February 9, 2009

For those of you who listen to metal or alternative music in general, Download Festival may be on your calendar this year…it’s definitley on mine this year! After last year’s abysmal attempt at a good rock lineup, I’ve got every confidence that LiveNation will this year sort out Download Festival. So here’s my opinion on the first announced bands…

Slipknot: The only headliner act announced so far is the Iowan masked nine-piece, and I couldn’t be happier. For those of you who read my review of Slipknot’s Sheffield gig you’ll know how much I love this band. Slipknot are surely going to deliver at Donington this year, after a two year absence. Announced during the Sheffield show Slipknot will be performing the whole of their debut album during shows this year to commemorate its 10th anniversary. This is going to be one of those ‘I was there’ moments.

The Prodigy: Having caught one of their songs at Download ’06 (before rushing to see Guns ‘n’ Roses) I will catch them this time if it kills me. With their fusion of dance and rock, Prodigy are welcomed by everyone at Donington whether you’re an ageing metalhead or a teenie-bopper. I’ll be there though screaming along to Their Law, bring it on!

Korn: I saw these at Download ’07 and ’06 (despite Davies not being there) and they were a true highlight of the weekend. Korn always put on a fantastic show and I’m sure this year will be no different, I just hope they’re put on the main stage this year after the 2007 fiasco.

Pendulum: Much like Prodigy, Pendulum are a welcomed addition to Donington – but not by everyone. Drum & bass has divided both fans of rock and dance music, so undoubtedly it has divided Download. I’ll be there though, as long as they don’t neglect the first album.

Dragonforce: Not a band I’d have hoped for to be honest, I saw them at Download in ’06 and thought they were awful. They were on the main stage and the sound didn’t travel well at all, the constant random guitar-tapping was inaudible and I was left feeling a bit disappointed. I doubt I’ll watch them this year.

Motley Crue: I caught the last part of their set in ’07 and thought it was awesome, despite the fact they’re now older than their glory days and Vince has piled on the pounds. If they don’t clash with someone I haven’t seen before I shall be there showing my ‘wild side’.

Devil Driver: Famously attempting the Guinness world record for largest mosh/circle pit during their last Download appearance, the metal titans are back and this time I will try to see them. The past times I’ve been at Donington I’ve missed them, but I will definitley catch them this year…hopefully.

Anyone else going to Download this year? What’s your opinion?