Review: Festivals Britannia

January 7, 2011

I reviewed the BBC4 documentary Festivals Britannia  for Virtual Festivals.

It’s always good to learn something, even better if you’re actually interested in the subject. Thankfully, then, the BBC were able to offer up a documentary covering the highs, lows and most importantly history of music festivals in the UK.

Of course, being the BBC, the amount of history covered was astonishing. From archive footage of 1950s jazz festivals (which, incidentally, is where music festivals began) to the old news reports of the illegal rave scene in the 90s, it was all included. This was somewhat of a problem, though. It’s quite hard to report on the biggest musical change of the last 30-plus years in just 90 minutes.

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A Look At U2 And Their Glasto Headlining

November 23, 2009

If you hadn’t already checked Pitchfork or NME today then you’ll be blissfully unaware that U2 are headlining next year’s Glastonbury festival. I’m going to make it known early on in this piece that I fucking hate U2. I have nothing positive to say about them at all. They don’t evoke any emotion in me at all other than the desire to take a sledgehammer to my stereo. Admittedly it is mainly Bono himself who annoys me; sneakily walking between the shadows of God and Bob Geldof, poking his head out whenever there’s a disaster or an appeal he hasn’t yet lent his name to. Read the rest of this entry »

That Was Woodstock, What Is This?

August 17, 2009

And so it was, 40 years ago today (and the previous two) mark the anniversary of one of the defining moments of popular music. Held on a dairy farm, 32 acts took to the often rain-sodden stage over four days (Aug 15-18). An estimated 300,000 people were in attendance, possibly many more as the organisers cut down the fence of the festival.

Featuring such legendary bands as The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and Santana; Woodstock became home to all things hippie and psychedelic. Surrounded by mud and tie-dye, the revellers partied and enjoyed live music all through the night (The Who famously started at 4am Sunday morning), a festival of this caliber has never been seen since. Bands nowadays have to finish before 11pm or the neighbours get angry. Read the rest of this entry »

The Glasto Verdict

May 28, 2009

It’s finally here then, the full and complete lineup of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Full of countless big names and even more obscurities that will probably put on a much better show. So here is Music On The Mind’s official verdict of the Glastonbury lineup – yay!


Not really much going on on the Thursday, but three stages are open which seem to be showcased a few good artists. Sub-headlining the Queen’s Head Stage are Metronomy who are a great example of what an indie band with a melodica can do. Having seen them live once before, I can recommend catching them again. Sadly the rest of the stage seems a little unknown to me, with the exception of Maximo Park. The boys from Newcastle were announced last week as the official openers of the Queen’s Head Stage and are guaranteed to put on a great show. Read the rest of this entry »

First Glastonbury Rumours Appear

December 17, 2008

Who could replace Jay-Z after this year’s extravaganza? Dizzee Rascal? Eminem? Kanye West? No, in fact it’s Bruce Springsteen! Well perhaps it is, these are still only rumours at the minute but it is apparently fairly likely Mr. Springsteen will be gracing the Pyramid stage with his rock ‘n’ roll antics and belting out Born In The USA for 100,000+ music lovers. Now don’t get me wrong, Springsteen is a very successful artist all over the world but (if the rumour proves to be true) why headline Glastonbury? Not for me thanks.

The second rumoured headliner for 2009 is Blur. That’s right, the masters of Britpop who are reuniting for a special Hyde Park gig are also strongly rumoured to headline Glasto next year also. It would definitley be a sight to behold as all of Glastonbury screams along to Parklife on the Sunday evening. I’m not sure if I’m going to Glastonbury next year but if Blur do turn out to be headlining then I may have to go…it would surely be an ‘I was there’ moment for any music fan.

The final headliner rumour is Neil Young. Another big artist who possibly doesn’t belong, however Rockin’ In The Free World is a great festival song. Despite this I’d probably go and check out another stage if both Young and Springsteen play, too much over-excited motivationalism for me in one weekend. But these are still only rumours, they could not happen…but then again they could.

Other rumoured acts for Glastonbury next year include; Kaiser Cheifs, Kanye West, Fatboy Slim, Franz Ferdinand, Madness and The Coral.

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