Spotify vs iTunes

May 8, 2009

Back when Spotify began it was seen by many as another rival to We7 and LastFM, but now it’s trying to challenge the online music titans of iTunes.

Spotify has been rumoured to be extending its current £9.99 ad-free service to also include unlimited music downloads which can be stored on your hard drive. Currently music can only be streamed in a ‘radio’ style.

The premise of paying a subscription fee for mp3s could pose a threat to iTunes, which currently charges 79p for each song. A charge of 79p equates to 12 songs for £9.48, whereas Spotify will allow unlimited music downloads for 51p more.

However Spotify does not have the extensive library that iTunes boasts, although it is growing day-by-day. Were Spotify’s library to increase to the full extent of iTunes then we could see the online music market change dramatically. Although Apple will more than likely combat Spotify somehow, the whole idea of online music is still in its early stages and no-one knows exactly what the best course of action is in terms of customer satisfaction and artist’s being paid.

What’s your opinion?

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