A Look At U2 And Their Glasto Headlining

November 23, 2009

If you hadn’t already checked Pitchfork or NME today then you’ll be blissfully unaware that U2 are headlining next year’s Glastonbury festival. I’m going to make it known early on in this piece that I fucking hate U2. I have nothing positive to say about them at all. They don’t evoke any emotion in me at all other than the desire to take a sledgehammer to my stereo. Admittedly it is mainly Bono himself who annoys me; sneakily walking between the shadows of God and Bob Geldof, poking his head out whenever there’s a disaster or an appeal he hasn’t yet lent his name to. Read the rest of this entry »


A Spiderman Musical?

February 26, 2009

Yes you read it correctly, a musical based on the superhero Spiderman. Possibly the weirdest idea for a broadway show ever concocted is actually hitting the stage in 2010…but that’s not the worst part.

U2’s Bono and The Edge are writing the music and the lyrics for this random piece of theatre, which is one perfectly good reason why I never want to witness it ever. U2 have never been on my favourite band list, in fact they appear on the opposite. I can’t stand that Geldoff wannabe telling the Western world how to live, if you don’t like it Bono then just leave.

The Edge I have nothing against, other than the fact he’s in U2. As such I won’t be seeing it, not that I enjoy musicals I am a fan of the Spiderman series – also it’s only being put on in New York. I suppose they had to find a theatre big enough to house Bono’s ego.