Feature: Bands To Watch: Blackhole

August 31, 2010

In another of the Bands To Watch features for There Goes The Fear, here’s one on one of my favourite bands – Blackhole.

After seeing Blackhole at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival I have been hooked. Perhaps my current favourite ‘new’ band, these Hertfordshire punks deliver a punishing noise filled with emotion. Admittedly that emotion is mainly anger, but what else are you wanting from a hardcore punk band?

The band are fronted by Richard Carter, who is the younger brother of Frank and Steph Carter from highly successful British punk band Gallows. Blackhole are definitely in the same vein as their counterparts but are at times both heavier and add elements of metal. Some of the breakdowns featured in debut album ‘Dead Hearts’ will get your heart pounding and your head banging involuntarily.

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Review: Your Demise – Ignorance Never Dies

December 26, 2009

Check out my review of the hardcore punks latest album over at OneMetal.com!

As of late the newly thriving UK punk scene has been heading in a different, heavier direction. Along with the anarchic lyrics and careless abandon for any noticeable melody, UK punk has also been injected with a high dosage of metal. This can be heard in the latest offerings from Blackhole, The Plight and the St. Alban quintet Your Demise…

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