Live Review: Gorillaz At The O2 Arena In London

January 7, 2011

I reviewed Gorillaz’ performance at the O2 arena for The Linc.

Still riding high on the success of “Plastic Beach”, Gorillaz are one of the biggest commodities in UK music today. With their star-studded array of guest vocalists and stunning live performance, Damon Albarn and co. are on top of their game.

Before they were due to play possibly the biggest arena in the UK, the crowd was already alive and fists were pumping for De La Soul. The New York trio were the perfect warm-up act and worked the ever-growing crowd into a frenzy.

Even though some of those in attendance didn’t know much about De La Soul (besides featuring on two Gorillaz tracks) it didn’t stop everyone from having a good time and dancing along.

Playing hits such as “Me, Myself And I” and “Stakes Is High”, the thousands inside the O2 couldn’t get enough. Even an impromptu version of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” made an appearance.

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Review: Warpaint – The Fool

January 7, 2011

I reviewed Warpaint’s The Fool for There Goes The Fear.

Since their 2008 EP ‘Exquisite Corpse’, Warpaint have been on the radar of all those with an interest in atmospheric rock. Now two years on, the all female quartet have released their debut album entitled ‘The Fool’.

Starting with the exceptionally chilled ‘Set Your Arms Down’, the tone of the LP is set almost instantly. Soft, slow and relaxed music is intertwined with some great vocals from front woman Emily Kokal. Her voice is so delicate yet so powerful, it’s almost entrancing at times. Comparable to artists such as the xx and jj, the experimental minimalism of Warpaint is quite complex. Many layers in each track are so well timed and used so precisely that every nuance is a necessity. Tracks such as ‘Warpaint’ and ‘Majesty’ are brilliant examples of how well structured the Los Angeles foursome are.

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Live Review: Howard Marks

January 7, 2011

A review of Howard Marks’ performance at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, for The Linc.

On Wednesday, October 20th one of the biggest drug smugglers in the world came to Lincoln. Now retired from his former life as a drugs baron, Howard Marks brought his stand-up show to the LPAC.

Having previously worked with the IRA and the Mafia, Marks is definitely one for stories. He once reportedly controlled 10% of the entire world’s hashish distribution, which he seemed most proud of.

The audience was made up of primarily students which isn’t too surprising given the subject of Marks’ life. He too was once a student, at Oxford University, achieving a degree in nuclear physics and post-graduate qualifications in philosophy.

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Interview: Zane Lowe

January 7, 2011

I interviewed Zane Lowe when he came to Lincoln for the Radio 1 Student Tour, for The Linc.

Last week Radio 1’s Student Tour came bounding into Lincoln and tore up the Tower Bar and Engine Shed. As well as 30 Seconds To Mars playing in the evening, Radio 1 star Zane Lowe treated the crowd to a DJ set as part of the show.

Zane has DJed at countless venues across the UK, but what was his favourite DJ show? “I’m not just saying this, but Engine Shed is always strong, I mean that’s really hard to beat,” he said.

“The crew here, Ian and Vix and everyone that puts the night together really look after everybody including the audience. The sound system’s brilliant, it’s hard to beat this place.

“This year my favourite DJ gig was probably supporting The Prodigy at Milton Keynes, at the Bowl, doing the main set before they came on was quite an honour and the crowd were fantastic so that was good.”

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Interview: Fearne Cotton 2

January 7, 2011

I interviewed Fearne Cotton when she came to Lincoln for the Radio 1 Student Tour, for The Linc.

This past Tuesday (October 19th) Radio 1 broadcast from Lincoln’s Tower Bar as part of the Radio 1 Student Tour. Fearne Cotton brought her Live Lounge show to the university and recorded it live in front of 60 lucky students.

“I’ve had a lovely morning,” Cotton says, “it’s a beautiful student union I’m so impressed with this lovely bar area it’s gorgeous. Darwin Deez did a cracking set, and it all went rather well.”

Fearne Cotton has become well-known throughout the country for her radio show, Celebrity Juice, Fearne And.. and Must Be The Music. However for some she’ll always be remembered for her role in the 90s children’s TV show Diggit. She co-presented the show with Paul Ballard otherwise known as Des.

A Facebook group has been set up to try and find Des as after Diggit finished, he vanished into obscurity. But does Fearne know where Des is?

“I don’t know where Des has gone,” Cotton admitted. “We were like brother and sister, we worked together for years and years. We must’ve spoken on the phone about three years ago and then I haven’t heard from him since.

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Interview: Everything Everything

January 7, 2011

I interviewed Everything Everything for There Goes The Fear.

Critics have said your music is difficult to categorise, how would you describe your style?
We think of it as pop primarily but I think it’s a little bit more interesting. We try not to make it sound like a lot of things you’ve heard before, we don’t try but it tends to come out a bit like that. We’re not really interested in copying certain genres or anything, so I guess you’d say it’s unpredictable and sort of surprising.

Do you have any particular influences?
We were all into the same stuff that everyone when they’re 15 was into like Nirvana and all that kind of stuff. That was kind of the start of it, that’s where I picked up guitar. Obviously Radiohead is the big one and we’re all big Beatles fans, but we also like a lot of American r&b like Destiny’s Child and R Kelly. People might think it’s a bit silly but we think there’s stuff in there that’s actually really good.

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Live Review: Everything Everything At Leeds Cockpit

January 7, 2011

A review of Everything Everything’s performance at the Cockpit in Leeds, for There Goes The Fear.

It was a cold Sunday evening in Leeds and it was gradually getting darker. Not an ideal environment by anyone’s standards. But rescue was just around the corner at the Cockpit. Not the most interesting looking venue from outside, but it’s what’s inside that counts.

Inside were 400 music fans of all ages with eyes transfixed on the stage waiting for Manchester’s hottest property, Everything Everything. Before the poptastic quartet came on stage though came London’s Clock Opera.

Clock Opera have recently released a remix of the headliner’s ‘MY KZ UR BF’, but tonight wasn’t about remixes – it was about the band. Despite the crowd never really getting moving, Clock Opera still put on a great show. Some of the music they could produce was excellent, even utilising utensils such as a tea pot and mug as percussion instruments. Not exactly whipping the crowd into a frenzy but warming them up nonetheless, Clock Opera looked happy with their performance and the reception they received from the Leeds music community.

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