Interview: Zane Lowe

I interviewed Zane Lowe when he came to Lincoln for the Radio 1 Student Tour, for The Linc.

Last week Radio 1’s Student Tour came bounding into Lincoln and tore up the Tower Bar and Engine Shed. As well as 30 Seconds To Mars playing in the evening, Radio 1 star Zane Lowe treated the crowd to a DJ set as part of the show.

Zane has DJed at countless venues across the UK, but what was his favourite DJ show? “I’m not just saying this, but Engine Shed is always strong, I mean that’s really hard to beat,” he said.

“The crew here, Ian and Vix and everyone that puts the night together really look after everybody including the audience. The sound system’s brilliant, it’s hard to beat this place.

“This year my favourite DJ gig was probably supporting The Prodigy at Milton Keynes, at the Bowl, doing the main set before they came on was quite an honour and the crowd were fantastic so that was good.”

To read the rest of the interview, click here:


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