Review: Godsized – The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave

I gave the Croydon metallers latest EP a going over for Onemetal recently, have a gander!

Often, a band’s image is deceiving. Sometimes, a band who look big and scary can play some of the softest, most emotional music you’ve ever heard. Similarly, some of the skinniest, jean wearing weaklings can make such an almighty racket you find yourself feeling guilty for judging them beforehand. Sometimes though, you just want a band to sound how they appear.

Godsized look like they literally invented metal. They sport some of the most impressive beards you’ve ever seen, and a stare that could make a grizzly bear cry. At first glance then, the music you hope to come out of your speakers would be the most down-tuned brutal noise your brain has been forced to endure. The artwork itself for The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave is overtly metal: skeletons, guns, bullets, the word ‘death’ and an ace of spades. If the picture managed to cram in a scantily-clad woman, it would be a poster on every metaller’s bedroom wall.

Read the rest of the review here:


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