Interview: Chris Coleshaw From Gutshot

Whilst at the Rock Against Racism gig, I interviewed local punk Chris Coleshaw for his opinions on racism and politics.

Punk music has always been about anarchy and spreading a message to fans all over the world. From legendary bands like The Clash to up-and-coming stars like Frank Turner, artists are trying to give their fans something to think about politically.

Local hardcore punk outfit Gutshot are trying to follow in their footsteps. Bassist Chris Coleshaw has a passion for politics and has strong opinions on the some of the extreme right wing parties in the UK.

“I think in Lincoln we don’t need to worry about the BNP too much, more it’s the English Defence League (EDL) which is basically a bunch of football hooligans that have got a so-called interest in politics. They say they’re against extremist Islam. I went to Nottingham and the EDL were marching through there, ‘Unite Against Facism’ put on a counter.

“I’ve seen with my own eyes people going ‘Sieg Heil’ and doing Hitler salutes. For them to say they’re not racist it’s [lies]. They were shouting things like ‘Allah Allah who the fuck is Allah?!’,” Coleshaw says.

Read the rest of the interview here:


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