Move Along, Nothing To See Here…

Welcome to 321 words about nothing. That’s right there is literally nothing to report. Not that there is nothing going on in general, but according to the usual music news sources there is nothing happening. Yes there’s a few tours being announced here and there, some band you’ve never heard of is releasing a supposedly ‘long awaited’ debut album, but there’s no actual news.

Let’s have a look at my first-choice music news source, NME. Visit their website and click News, and what is on offer? Various stories about new albums and tours, which is all very interesting but nothing to really extend into a blog post. Even the gossip section is a little lacklustre, I couldn’t really care whether Madonna wore a face mask whilst out in New York or that Pete Wentz took his Mac to an Apple Store. This isn’t news, it’s hardly even gossip.

Now I’m not having a go at NME, it’s a great source for music news but it’s just that there is nothing to report! Why isn’t anything happening? Admittedly the Christmas/New Year week has just passed and chances are most artists haven’t bothered doing anything other than throwing massive parties. However they’ve had a week to recover now and still aren’t creating any news. No-one in the world of music is doing anything!

Does no artist want to make the headlines anymore? If there is nothing happening in the world of music, then go do something! You’d be the only person being covered by the music media, it’s win win! Instead I’m sat here staring at the utterly uninspiring news that Susan Boyle didn’t outsell Taylor Swift in America and that Katy Perry is to marry Russel Brand. Whoopdeedoo! Seriously musicians, be more interesting! Be more rock and roll about things, don’t just sit at home because it’s snowing. Go throw a snowball at another famous person and start a fight, stop being so bloody bland!


One Response to Move Along, Nothing To See Here…

  1. tgpo says:

    Current musicians are all fluff. They are required to make a big splash from day 1 because they have no talent to stand on once people get past the hype.

    This is also why they have to keep upping the ante with public stunts. Their music won’t keep people interested, so they have to do stupid things to keep their names in the news.

    It’s sad how poor the state of the major industry is, but the local and independent scenes seem to be flourishing while the majors crash and burn, so it’s not all bad news.

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