We All Raged Together

It happened, it bloody well happened didn’t it! Rage Against The Machine made it the Christmas number one spot in the UK and beat the sodding X Factor for the first time in five years. Since joining the group on Facebook a few weeks ago I thought it was just going to be another group that tries to achieve something but none of the group members actually do anything about it – this though was different.

Everyone who was a part of the group from its early stages actually wanted to do something, to prove something to Simon Cowell and the X Factor in general. We’re sick of manufactured artists releasing cover songs and instantly getting to the number one spot. No-one on the X Factor including the overall winner has a right to a number one single, regardless of how supposedly talented they are. Artists all over the world work their arses off by touring relentlessly, recording EPs in basements, giving up day jobs and probably not earning any money for a long time and probably never getting a single into the Top 40. Just because you have won the public vote doesn’t mean you are what everyone wants to listen to, it means you are the audience’s favourite. Nothing more.

Rage Against The Machine released Killing In The Name back in 1992 and it only reached #25 in the UK singles chart. Over the next 17 years Rage have worked hard promoting themselves and their music, releasing four albums and selling our countless shows. They have proven that music means something to them, and their music means something to their fans. I highly doubt Joe McElderry’s version of The Climb evokes as much emotion in music lovers as Killing In The Name, or any other Rage track for that matter.

I own the four studio albums Rage have done, along with a live album and I still bought Killing In The Name from iTunes. It’s not even their best song in my opinion, but downloading it meant something. Simon Cowell said in an interview with NME that he’s “done everyone a favour” by killing the Christmas number one race. If that is the case, and Cowell doesn’t even see Christmas number one as an achievement then why not hold X Factor in the summer? Surely if it no longer means anything then having a number one single in August is as meaningful as having it at Christmas? No I didn’t think so either. Face it Simon you lost this one, the power of social media beat you and all the money being thrown at X Factor.

Check out the X Factor contestants singing Killing In The Name.


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