An Idea For iTunes

This Thursday I will be driving the 45 minutes needed to get to Nottingham’s Rock City. Headlining the show will be those Scottish metal pirates Alestorm, supported by The Rotted and Eden’s Curse. However I have never heard anything by these bands at all so I checked them out on Spotify just so I knew what I was getting myself into. Why go to the gig if you don’t know the bands I hear you ask, because it’s for the particularly wonderful website OneMetal. Anyway, on to the idea!

As I didn’t know anything about the bands I am going to review, it’s always good to know a few songs or the night simply won’t be as enjoyable. Spotify was very helpful for investigating bands as they have a Top Hits section which denotes the top 5 most played tracks by Spotify users. If this feature can be trusted it would be hoped that all 5 songs will be played live on Thursday.

What I am suggesting though is that iTunes offer a ‘taster’ package for bands. This would be say 5 or 6 tracks available in a bundle for around £3, as long as it was a cheaper alternative to buying the tracks individually. This ‘taster’ would be the 5 or 6 most popular tracks on iTunes which can be downloaded for people looking to ‘get into’ a band.

This could in turn become both lucrative for iTunes but also increase the popularity of artists. If you only downloaded one song of a band you’d never heard of and it was one of their worst ones, you wouldn’t know. But you would be left with the opinion that they’re an awful band. This ‘taster’ would hopefully discourage music fans from dimissing bands from only one song.

C’mon iTunes, you know it makes sense!


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