A Look At U2 And Their Glasto Headlining

If you hadn’t already checked Pitchfork or NME today then you’ll be blissfully unaware that U2 are headlining next year’s Glastonbury festival. I’m going to make it known early on in this piece that I fucking hate U2. I have nothing positive to say about them at all. They don’t evoke any emotion in me at all other than the desire to take a sledgehammer to my stereo. Admittedly it is mainly Bono himself who annoys me; sneakily walking between the shadows of God and Bob Geldof, poking his head out whenever there’s a disaster or an appeal he hasn’t yet lent his name to.

There’s that old joke isn’t there:

What’s the difference between Bono and God?

God doesn’t strut around thinking he’s Bono.

And it’s true, Bono does think he’s above everyone else – a higher being as it were. U2 are definitely not one of the band’s who you could see hanging out with, they’re the band who would have you escorted 100 metres away from the rose petals scattered before them as they waltz into the VIP section of that club you’re not posh enough to get into.

Alas this is about U2 headlining Glastonbury and it is a coup for those attending Worthy Farm next year. Tickets to see U2 on their 360 tour were selling for upwards of £50 and if you looked on eBay then it was well into the hundreds. A single Glasto ticket next year is £185 (plus booking fee and postage etc), so you’re actually getting a very good deal. There are seven stages at Glastonbury, culminating in hundreds of bands and you could have paid your £185 to just see U2 alone! If you’re attending Glasto and a U2 fan then you have won the game! Congratulations!

Also for those of you big on rumours, here’s the current roundup for Glastonbury 2010:

Bon Jovi
Chemical Brothers
Dizzee Rascal
Florence And The Machine
Led Zeppelin/Robert Plant
Pet Shop Boys
Rolling Stones


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