Ozzy’s Movie?

The Prince of Darkness himself has declared in an interview with The Mirror that he wants a film of his life to be made, with Johnny Depp playing Ozzy. With the release of his autobiography ‘I Am Ozzy’ just hitting the shelves, it’s safe to say that Ozzy is more than ready to tell his story. Years ago he stated that he would never write a book about his life, but alas he has – even sat on the Graham Norton show promoting it last week (how metal).

I have nothing against  Ozzy whatsoever, he is a legend in my eyes for his work with Black Sabbath and his solo career as well as the success of Ozzfest (although Sharon should really take the credit for that one). I’m just not sure whether a biopic is needed if it’s all in a book. Similarly Johnny Depp playing Ozzy is a bit of an obvious choice, since Pirates Of The Carribean he’s become a token ‘alternative’ actor who just plays people who’re either overwhelmingly cool or a bit weird; Ozzy falls into either or both.

However if this film does get made it could quite possibly be awful. A lot of films based on musicians aren’t that spectacular such as The Doors film. On the other hand the biopic Control based on the life of Ian Curtis is fantastic, so it could go either way.

Biopics seem to be the new interesting thing for film makers as it’s been said that there’s a Motley Crue and a Ramones film in the works. Both these bands are huge and a film about their backstory/life would be interesting in many ways, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a good film.

Hopefully though if the Ozzy film does come into fruition it will be both interesting and well-acted, not just a group of the ‘cooler’ actors reciting lines from Ozzy’s book in a vain attempt to tell a story. We’ll wait and see though.


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