Happy birthday Igor! That’s right, the drummer of Brazil’s finest export is 39 today! As such I thought it was time we recognised how good Sepultura actually were. Metal aficianado’s will know that yes Sepultura are still going, but they’re nowhere near as good as they were when Max was still singing (for those not in the know, Max is Igor’s older brother).

Sepultura are a Brazilian thrash metal group whose debut album was released in 1986 and wasn’t really all that good. Compared to the later releases it had an entirely different feel and wasn’t really pointing a big fat heavy metal finger at the world. Sepultura’s golden moment though came with 1996’s Roots which recieved gold status in over 4 countries and was featured in Kerrang!’s ‘100 Records You Have To Hear Before Dying’.

Roots was the last album to feature Max Cavalera on vocal duties, he was to be replaced by Derrick Green. Despite the fact that Green is a fantastic singer and a good replacement for Max, it just wasn’t the same. Igor did not leave Sepultura until 2006 due to reported “artistic incompatibility”. He joined his brother again a year later for Cavalera Conspiracy who are a great example of a heavy metal supergroup featuring members of Gojira and Max’s other band Soulfly.

Currently Igor and Max are touring with Cavalera Conspiracy and Sepultura released a Cavalera-free album earlier this year which recieved fairly positive feedback. So here are some of Sepultura’s best songs – in my opinion, if you disagree then please post yours below.





One Response to Sepultura

  1. Derrick is an amazing vocalist. He’s got lungs!!!

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