Slowly Restored Faith

Back in November of last year I posted this, in which I voice my opinion on how Lincoln’s only major music venue is only booking indie bands. If you have a quick read of it you’ll see that it is not a positive opinion on the matter, basically it’s the opposite. However 10 months later the Engine Shed have decided to book someone else, hooray!

Admittedly the majority of the bands playing are NME’s cast-offs from last year but there is the odd curve ball thrown in to keep the non-indie kids happy. One of these is Dragonforce. Now I am not a Dragonforce fan, I never have been and I doubt I ever will be but they are a big metal act at the minute and should hopefully draw large numbers of people to Lincoln’s primary music venue. If they have good support acts then I might pop-along but I have seen Dragonforce three times now and not once was I really that impressed.

Also in the mix is ex-Thin Lizzy man Gary Moore. Bringing his bluesy solo material to the Engine Shed is yet another sign of a well needed change. However, I don’t know whether this is either Moore’s doing or the Shed’s but charging £26.50 to see Gary Moore? Nah. He is talented and again he is a big name but he hasn’t done anything that amazing or impressive in the last decade or so. I don’t think I’ll be indulging in this one, but perhaps some of richer older rock fans of Lincoln will attend…perhaps.

The final ‘non-indie’ artist to be added to the Engine Shed’s slightly eclectic range of bookings is Dio! The legend himself, the man who brought you Holy Diver and made the ‘devil horn’ hand signal popular is coming to Lincoln. Similar to Gary Moore, it will cost you £20 and for some reason has an early curfew of 10pm. But it might be worth it! Dio has been involved with Rainbow, Sabbath and Heaven & Hell so a good show is guaranteed. However I don’t know why the Engine Shed is on Dio’s tour, I’d have thought he could have sold out much bigger venues. But never mind, he’s coming to Lincoln so Lincoln should go to him! Buy your tickets now and let’s all go watch Dio rocking hard and bringing more metal acts to the Engine Shed.

So currently I am patiently waiting for all these shows to be huge successes and the Engine Shed realise there is a want for alternative music. It’s all well and good booking The Enemy and Reverend & The Makers, but some of us want something a bit different. Hopefully, we’ll get our wish and Lincoln will finally get the music scene it’s been craving for years.

Watch the smallest man in metal rocking it!


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