Dubstep Remixes

Dubstep. To some it’s just some random offshoot of drum and bass, but to others it’s a great example of modern music. I personally fall into the latter section. After being introduced to it about a year or so ago my music collection has become inundated with various white label vinyls of some fantastic music. Of course it’s not just all white labels, some of the bigger dubstep artists have their albums on nice and shiny CDs in your local HMV (go buy them now).

Not only does dubstep conjure up a nice relaxed atmosphere (for the most part – some tracks are much more bouncy), they can completely change the way a song sounds. There have been hundreds of remixes emanating from the dubstep scene, some good and some atrocious. A lot of the better ones come from popular pop songs which are given a complete makeover and transformed into something much more listenable. Here’s a few examples of the best:

Pendulum – The Other Side (Dubstep Remix)

The Streets – Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)

Adele – Cold Shoulder (Rusko Remix)

Each of the above tracks has changed the feel of the original song completely. Not just in the same way a generic dance remix cuts and splices lyrics over a repetitive drum beat, but into a different song. However none of the above remixes come close to Skream’s remix of La Roux’s In For The Kill. Being dropped at dubstep events all over the UK, this tune is brilliant on so many levels. Many have said it gives a new meaning to the song, and I would have to agree. Gone are the teenie bopping sounds, they’ve been replaced with a much slower and deeper song. How can you not be impressed?

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

So even if you’re not a fan of dubstep (for shame!), at least take into consideration how good the remixes are. Much more interesting than your usual dancefloor remix and also much better. If ever there was a time to get into dubstep it would be now, it’s still growing and is full of some great talent. Discover something new.

Know any good dubstep remixes? Post ’em below!


6 Responses to Dubstep Remixes

  1. VMax says:

    Quite allot fuss about this one:

  2. Luke Morton says:

    I really like that tune, the drop is insane!

  3. VMax says:

    Thanks for the La Roux remix, very decent stuff! Found a better quality version and it’s blowing trough the headphones!

  4. Luke Morton says:

    No worries. The La Roux remix is one of the best I’ve heard, Skream is too good.

  5. VMax says:

    Damn, the last minute is unbelievable!

  6. the most awesomist poster-er says:

    im lovin rusko’s ‘big trombone’ remix of kid cudi’s day n night!! but im also well into some of caspa’s stuff, and i luurrvv his remix of i remember by deadmau5.

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