Vidi-Ooze: Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

Opening with what could be a random stock footage clip of girls on a night out (to be used in a news report on how binge drinking is bad) the video doesn’t get off to the best of starts. But then of course we have nice shots of the band getting ready, including a brief shot of Fergie’s bare leg in the shower – ooo, risqué!

When the singing begins it becomes obvious they’re getting ready for a party like all loveable pop acts do nowadays, happily inviting all their friends round for a house party without a care in the world about how trashed their home will get. After a few well placed product placement shots for various gadgets and gizmos, we’re back to Fergie wearing not a lot and to be fair she wears it well. Despite the fact she’s more ‘mature’ than most female artists in the chart today, there is something still enticing about her.

Then of course once the chorus kicks in the inevitable party begins, hundreds upon millions of guests bounding out of gleaming cars toward the house – reminiscent of the Adidas Originals advert After a while though the party does seem to be nothing more than music and a small amount of drinking. No silly games, no one night stands, no pizza delivery guy turning up while 150 people scramble for what change they have – nothing.

Then perhaps the best bit of the entire video, a shot of H from Steps partying his arse off! Just before someone pushes the slow-motion button on the party, as it really was getting way out of hand, the neighbours will be ringing the police soon. To try and calm the sheer madness of this party the people in charge of flubber have been sent round to disperse the crowd, but it only eggs them on! Donning the goo like some nu-rave rain dance ritual, Black Eyed Peas and the revellers (easily into the tens of thousands by now) dance the night away.

Suddenly the person in charge of the slow-motion button slips and party mode goes into overdrive! Guest can’t even decide what room they’re in. People are showering themselves in champagne and running amok, yet still in a fairly controlled way (you can bet there’s no-one outside throwing up, or someone locked in the toilet crying over what someone else said). Americans must just have happier times I guess.

Ending on nice establising shots of people either asleep or leaving the party, BEP can go to bed knowing they threw one hell of a shindig and they won’t have to clean it up. It is amazing how many people they fit in the house and how it seems nothing was broken, next time I have a party I’m getting Black Eyed Peas round to show people to have a good and responsible time. Yeah!


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