Steel Panther

This is a long overdue post on my part, but I feel I should write something about one of my favourite bands at the minute – Steel Panther. They’re becoming increasingly popular over here in the UK (after initial success in America) and are laying waste to festivals all over the world. So here’s a brief introduction to your new favourite glam rock band!

Having the longest running heavy metal show on the Sunset Strip is one thing, but sharing that stage with some of rocks biggest names is something else. Artists ranging from Corey Taylor to Avril Lavigne have been involved with Steel Panther and their onstage antics over the years, but now the animal is loose and taking over the airwaves.

They are dedicated to bringing back original balls-out heavy metal whislt getting as wasted as possible, all done with a definite tongue in cheek. Songs such as Community Property can’t be taken seriously, featuring such classic lyrics as “if suddenly you were a guy, I’d be suddenly gay”. As far as musical ability goes they’re much more talented than most bands currently clogging up radio stations, solos aplenty and fantastic rock vocals really get you pumped for an 80’s rock revival.

Either you’ll get it and love Steel Panther or it’ll go straight over your head and wonder what is happening to music these days. If you are the former, be sure to check them out on their upcoming tour supporting those rock legends ZZ Top this Autumn. If you can’t wait until then, go and buy the album Feel The Steel which features appearances from Corey Taylor, Justin Hawkins and M Shadows.

Death to all but metal!


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