Happy 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today the infamous nu-metallers Slipknot released their self-titled debut and changed the face of metal music forever. As well as selling millions of copies and reaching double-platinum status, the album created a worldwide movement of ‘maggots’ who are still present today.

Arguably Slipknot’s best album, it contains some of the most ferocious and brutal metal which are still crowdpleasers at your local rock club. Tracks such as Wait And Bleed, Eyeless and Spit It Out are now synonymous with metal and sit proudly on any metallers iPod.

After the success of their debut many thought their second release would be toned down and cater to the tastes of more people, but the sceptics were wrong. Iowa is Slipknot’s heaviest release to date and even put off some Slipknot fans by how heavy and it was. However the album reached #1 in the UK charts and Slipknot’s worldwide domination continued with force.

Today Slipknot are still one of the biggest metal bands in the world. After headlining Download Festival earlier this month as well as other festivals around the globe, the band keep going from strength to strength. Still touring on the release of their fourth studio album and talks of a new album next year, the Iowan nine don’t seem to show any signs of stopping just yet.

Listen to the album here (requires Spotify): http://open.spotify.com/album/67hickofVQYuBmHH7XY7sS

Get Spotify: http://www.spotify.com/

Via: Thrash Hits


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