Twitter To Replace Music Critics

This video comes via Hypebot and is a clip of freelance music critic Christopher R. Weingarten giving a talk at the 140 Characters Conference (basically a conference about Twitter and its uses/downfalls). It is though a very laidback afair and not some random no-faces in suits talking about Web 2.0 and how hashtags can be used for marketing, most speeches come from people in rather interesting jobs giving their opinion on this internet phenomenon.

In this video Christopher R. Weingarten gives an honest view of how Twitter and the Blogosphere is killing the job of a music critic. He also talks about how people have now become stuck in one way of thinking and aren’t discovering anything new – which to be fair is just sad.

Watch the video here:

I would embed the video in to this post, but for some reason BlipTV doesn’t like WordPress.

Christopher R. Weingarten’s 1000 Times Yes Project


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