Unsigned Review: Somewherebetweenaclicheandamonkey

Electronic music is becoming increasingly popular nowadays with the vast improvement in the quality of machines available (drum machines, synths etc) and many bands are adopting either an element of electro or becoming a full blown electro band. The problem then is that everyone has a synth or a sampler and can make a ‘song’ in a matter of minutes, yet will most likely be awful. The old saying ‘a minute to learn, a lifetime to master’ is never more true.

Some bands though are good at what they do, one such band are Somewherebetweenaclicheandamonkey who have created a much slower/toned-down version of electronic music similar to that of Squarepusher or early Sabrepulse. The track Annie Little Rebel is 6 minutes of electro-ambience that doesn’t require your full attention to enjoy. It’s slow and easygoing but also quite catchy after a while, although heavier bass would be nice.

The song It’s Not Here maximises the potential of the MS voice function to convey some thoughtful messages in the vein of the Sunscreen song. Various effects are used throughout the track to make it more weird and experimental, which at times work well. Overlaying different voice soundbites is quite confusing. The track sounds like it should be played by a DJ mid-set for the pill-heads to have a breather.

Somewherebetweenaclicheandamonkey are very slow and chilled out in their music, but are also very talented at what they do and can produce some great material, although there are certain aspects that need tweaking. Definitely worth a listen though, imagine what they could produce in the future.

Overall: ***1/2

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/somewherebetweenaclicheandamonkey


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