The Glasto Verdict

It’s finally here then, the full and complete lineup of this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Full of countless big names and even more obscurities that will probably put on a much better show. So here is Music On The Mind’s official verdict of the Glastonbury lineup – yay!


Not really much going on on the Thursday, but three stages are open which seem to be showcased a few good artists. Sub-headlining the Queen’s Head Stage are Metronomy who are a great example of what an indie band with a melodica can do. Having seen them live once before, I can recommend catching them again. Sadly the rest of the stage seems a little unknown to me, with the exception of Maximo Park. The boys from Newcastle were announced last week as the official openers of the Queen’s Head Stage and are guaranteed to put on a great show.

The next two stages aren’t that exciting to be honest, but Beardyman playing the Dance Lounge will be a definite treat. Possibly the best beatboxer in the UK today, something to watch when drunk and having fun times at a festival for sure. The dubstep set from Billy Nasty and DJ set from Qemists (who featured on the May playlist) will be interesting too, you can guarantee shapes will be thrown.


Sadly there is only one band on the infamous Pyramid Stage I’d like to see on the Friday and that is the legendary ska band The Specials. Trumpets blasting and skanking all over the stage, come on! The Other Stage headliners Bloc Party will put on a great show to counter Neil Young on the main stage. I’ve seen Bloc Party before and they were OK, hopefully I saw them on an ‘off’ day. Fucked Up on the John Peel stage are another one of those bands who will demolish the set and themselves in order to satisfy the crowd – make sure you’re there!

Further down the stage list there are a number of top acts who need to be seen, on the Queen’s Head stage are Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip who always put on a fantastic show – with props and costumes to match. Skream and Benga on the West Dance stage will annhilate the bass bins with an awe inspiring display of dubstep. Catch it if you can.


The headliners of the Pyramid on Saturday should definitely be watched if possible, the Boss himself will be bringing his unique style of American rock to Glastonbury. Come on! Conversely Spinal Tap are playing earlier in the day who will be bringing their comedy cliché driven UK heavy metal to the stage, something not to be missed. Stonehenge will be a treat. The Other Stage doesn’t feature anyone that notable in comparison, Pendulum and Pete Doherty will be worth seeing but the rest is the usual indie crowd doing nothing for anyone.

The Queen’s Head stage is featuring The King Blues who are again famous for their live shows, fuelled by politics and angst it’s sure to stir something inside you. Bloody MPs and their expenses! The West Dance stage showcases both DJ Food and DJ Yoda which will be another live treat. DJ Food bringing his jungle beats to the stage before DJ Yoda unleashes his unique batch of mashups. However this pales in comparison to Rusko on the Glade stage, one of the best dubstep artists around today. Tunes like Cockney Thug and Jahova will be going down a storm.


The Pyramid stage looks slightly better than the past two days, headliners Blur will be the highlight of the weekend without a doubt. Arguably the best britpop band ever (sorry Oasis fans) have reformed and are playing UK’s biggest festival, need I say more? Before that are both Madness and the Easy Star All-Stars who are equally brilliant in different ways, but both should be caught if possible. The Other Stage though seems to be where it’s at for the Sunday, headlined by The Prodigy who are preceded by Enter Shikari, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Art Brut. Four acts who have earned their place at Glasto for a number of different reasons, however it is a toughie to choose between Blur and Prodigy.

The Jazz/World stage features Roots Manuva (who appeared on May’s playlist) which will most likely be a great show. The G stage plays host to headliners Chase & Status who’ll be playing their own brand of electro/drum and bass/dubstep, beforehand dubstep legend Caspa will be playing also. Hopefully playing some classic tracks to get the crowd pumped!

Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be many other artists who stand out a mile in the lineup. Sure there are other bands worth seeing, but the aforementioned artists should be witnessed at all costs. If you’re going to Glastonbury and you see any of the artists mentioned, leave a comment about how you thought they were.


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