The Return Of All Things Small

Blink 182 made their second of two running appearances on America’s Jay Leno show last night, which saw the newly reformed pop-punks blast out their breakthrough track All The Small Things. This should have been Blink’s chance to show the world that they’re back and ready to party like they did all those years ago…this however isn’t the case. The music in itself is exactly how it’s always been – happy and tinged with a slight element of punk – however Tom DeLonge’s voice leaves much to be desired.

Obviously his brief jaunt into the emo-tastic egofest of Angels & Airwaves didn’t do much for his previous life of Blink, but it seems to have affected his voice massively. It sounds as though he’s trying to supress a large whine down the microphone about girls and emotions, rather than having sex with animals for which Blink 182 are often remembered.

Personally I’m hoping that Blink manage to pull it off live, despite now being much older. Both Mark and Travis seemed to be in the moment, but Tom might take a bit of time to adjust. Blink isn’t a one man band like Angels & Airwaves, it’s just three guys having a laugh and singing about the random times when growing up.

Can three guys in their thirties still ‘wow’ you with tales of their first dates and growing up?
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