Green Day Know Their Enemy

The inevitable has arrived, Green Day’s first single from their upcoming album 21st Century Breakdown. Seeing as their last album American Idiot managed to supply us with no less than five singles, their latest offering will undoubtedly be clogging up stereos for months to come.

The first single to come from 21st Century Breakdown is entitled Know Your Enemy, a phrase repeated so many times in the song you think your head might explode. The word enemy itself is uttered 25 times in the space of just over 3 minutes, Billie Joe wants us all to know that there is an enemy and we should know who it is. At this point I’d like to put ‘despite the lyrics the song is pretty good’, but I can’t…because it’s not. It basically sounds like an American Idiot B-side that should be thrown in the odd setlist for the longer live performances.

The video for the song is a bit tame compared to previous Green Day efforts, no backstory or characters, just the band playing with a few shots of barbed wire and search lights. This is a plus, as the ‘political’ videos from American Idiot got old fast.

Overall the song (albeit not the best thing Green Day have produced) is better than the majority of American Idiot, especially Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends. Both songs overplayed and overrated on so many levels. Know Your Enemy is just a normal pop-punk song, with incredibly lazy lyrics.

What’s your opinion?


2 Responses to Green Day Know Their Enemy

  1. James says:

    Just because Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and Wake Me Up When September Ends were overplayed it doesn’t make them bad songs.

    They are two of Green Day’s top 5 songs in my opinion.

    I don’t think this one is in their top 5. Maybe Top 6.

  2. Luke Morton says:

    It’s not the overplaying that specifically annoyed me about them, I think it’s the fact they were ‘toned down’ compared to other Green Day songs.

    I much prefer the faster punkier music Green Day made on their earlier albums.

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