Kanye Quenches Your Thirst

Plans have been announced today for the hip hop artist Kanye West to release his own energy drink. The manufacturers Guru who are proud of their “100% natural and organic” beverages have joined forces with West to create a new drink later this year.

Obviously just another way to make money, I think it will go down well. Celebrities are often endorsing drinks, remember the countless footballers and pop artists who’ve appeared in Pepsi adverts over the years? Now Kanye has taken it to the next level. If this business venture proves successful it could pave the way for more musicians to cash-in on their name, instead of their music. Simply putting a famous name to a product will undoubtedly make its sales increase, although it’s been said that Kanye intends to be quite hands on in the project.

Despite it being a rather ingenious idea, there is still a feeling of almost selling out from Kanye. However there is more than likely a fair amount of profit to be made in the energy drink business, so fair play to him.


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