It’s Not All Fun And Games

Whilst rummaging around the internet looking for the latest music news I came across an interview on the Daily Star of all places with an interview with Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, until you actually read what the egomaniac has to say.

As I’m sure you’re aware, The Killers are one of the best selling artists of the past decade. They have shot straight to the dizzying heights of superstardom and probably had a jolly good time doing so, and yet they still can’t help but rant and moan.

The main snippet from the interview which caught my attention was Mr. Flowers blaming Kurt Cobain and the grunge scene for taking the fun out of rock music. Shut up. Grunge was not about ‘taking the fun away’, as he calls it, it was an expression of emotion through music and that emotion doesn’t always have to be rainbow filled happiness. Furthermore the grunge scene unleashed a whole range of bands who I’m sure were having fun in the music biz; Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden – these bands are all somewhat responsible for where music is today, including The Killers.

Grunge was a big moment in the music scene in the 90’s, the previous decade saw countless synth driven happy-clappy bands soar to the top of the charts, which grew stale. The public needed something new to latch onto, something completely different to the usual drivel being forcefed to them on a daily basis, and that something was grunge. Despite being only a shortlived movement in terms of music, it paved the way for numerous bands and influenced many more.

I am doubtful that The Killers have influenced anywhere near the amount of people with their ‘happy’ music, if anything listening to Somebody Told Me makes me more depressed than any grunge song ever could.

Read the interview here:


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