Leeds/Reading 2009

Well then, it’s finally here, the day the Leeds/Reading headliners and other big names are announced and personally I’m not that impressed. Of course there are some good bands in there, but there’s nothing that striking about the lineup. Last year there was RATM reforming, and the year before was both Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers – but this year seems a little watered down in terms of calibre.

Of course I’m not talking about Radiohead, they are the best band on the lineup this year by far. I never used to be that big a fan, but after actually sitting down and listening to The Bends one day I have completely changed my mind and own a lot of material by Thom Yorke and the gang. However, the other two headliners are nothing that special anymore.

The Arctic Monkeys were the big thing about three years ago, since then they’ve slowly got less and less coverage as more and more bands try to sound like them. The ‘indie’ scene is booming with bands prefixed with the word ‘The’, which I’m sure will storm the Leeds/Reading lineup like never before.

The other headliner is Kings of Leon, woo bloody hoo. I’ve got nothing against the band, they’re perfectly talented and have had major success lately with their singles but I’m just not that suprised. Everyone knew that they were going to headline, it’s a bit of a let down.

Other bands which aren’t all that eyecatching are the Kaiser Chiefs, Ian Brown, Vampire Weekend, Fall Out Boy, The Courteeners, Gossip, Glasvegas…etc etc. Basically the majority of the lineup is dire. Currently Leeds/Reading is looking like a poor attempt at last year’s festival, whereas Download Festival is going from strength to strength with its lineup announcments. Hopefully Leeds/Reading will follow suit and dazzle its punters with some big names and suprises being added to the bill.

There are of course some bands I would like to see; The Prodigy, Bloc Party, Maximo Park, Deftones, Enter Shikari and Gallows. Possibly swinging by Funeral For A Friend and AFI, if they both play their older material. Currently though the roster is weak, although I have heard rumours that The Cure will headline the NME stage…great stuff!


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