It’s More Than Hardcore

We all know there are a ridiculous amount of genres and sub-genres in the music world today, plainly for the fact more and more artists are coming up with original sounds and need to be labelled accordingly. It’s simply not enough to put the term ‘alternative’ on any artist that doesn’t exactly fit a specification, people need to know exactly what they’re listening to otherwise they could get confused…some how.

There are though some genres which obviously need breaking up into sections, rock music is far too broad an area nowadays to put all bands with an electric guitar in there. There has to be some sort of division, for example:

This is a very basic breakdown of rock, there’s probably a few which I have missed but they could be included in other genres e.g. grunge belongs under the punk category.

The whole premise of sub-genres though is getting crazier by the day in the worlds of metal and punk. The idea of adding the suffix ‘core to a word suddenly making it a genre is ludicrous, with some exceptions. There are some sub-genres with the dreaded suffix which are genres in most music fans eyes, e.g. hardcore, post-hardcore, grindcore and metalcore.

These genres in a nutshell:

Hardcore is hardcore punk, think punk music but faster and heavier.
Post-hardcore is hardcore punk, but more experimental.
Grindcore is very abrasive, fast, thrashy metal.
Metalcore is hardcore punk mixed with heavy metal.

Besides these four though, the suffix of ‘core has been added to anything. Here’s a short  list of some examples, which are all real.


Presumably all these genres need to exist, so why doesn’t someone put a bit more effort into naming them? Rather than just thinking of a vaguely associated word and adding ‘core to the end of it. It seems that today each bands wants to sound original and have ‘their sound’ so they have to invent a whole new genre just for themselves. Why don’t they just try to become the best band in an existing genre? Wouldn’t you rather be the BEST metal band than the only Genrecore band? Think about it.


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