It’s Not The Size That Matters…

Apple have announced yet another edition of the iPod, this time an even smaller iPod shuffle. What is the point?

When the original iPod shuffle came out I thought it was a ludicrous idea as there was no screen, to find the song you wanted you had to skip all of the rest. This though is the point of the shuffle, it’s just for songs you actually like and want to listen to – unlike most people’s iPods. Also without a screen, how would you know what song is playing? Especially if you’d just put a new album on there and didn’t know the song titles. Apple have come up with the solution, it talks to you!

Talking being a very loose term, the iPod will ‘speak’ to you and tell you the song title and name. Very clever, but if this happens after each song it could become very annoying. Hopefully there will be a function to either turn it on/off or possibly just a button to press in order to hear the ‘voice’.

In all the shuffle is around 4.5cm high and 1.7cm wide. Very small indeed. But I doubt it’s that durable. Being as thin as it is, it could break by pushing the headphones in too hard. I’ve dropped my iPod numerous times and each time been relieved it hadn’t broken, were I to drop this I’d be on my way to the shop before it hit the ground.

The price though is very good, only £59 and is currently available.

For more information, visit:


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