Why Should I Care About Florence’s Machine?

Yet again, the so-called ‘cool’ and ‘groundbreaking’ music news outlets are raving about some band or other, this time in the guise of Florence And The Machine. I’ve mentioned this band before in my post about the NME Awards tour but didn’t really pay them much attention, but throughout the past week or so I’ve seen them gaining more and more coverage throughout the music media and I thought I was missing something. So I thought I’d give Florence… a little listen.

The first song I listened to was their first single ‘Kiss With A Fist’. A nice happy song title I know, but it is one you’d expect from some second-rate metal band – not the next big thing in indie. But who knows maybe they’re being unconventional or non-conformist. The song itself is indeed what I’d expected, unoriginal indie noise that has been overpowering radiowaves for the past few years. The vocals were very similar to that of Kate Nash and as were the lyrics, the whole ‘singing about things that happen in my life and make them rhyme’ style of song seems to still be going strong…sadly. The music itself isn’t too bad, it’s fairly simple in its construction and is somewhat reminiscent of early White Stripes fused with The Ting Tings with basically just a guitar and drums. The vocals though do let the song down, at one point it sounded like Florence had something in her mouth which obstructed her speech.

The second song is entitled ‘Hospital Beds’ and was much different to ‘Kiss With A Fist’. The song is acoustically driven, featuring just a guitar and vocals, but again the singing lets the song down. The track begins with Florence singing without accompaniment which to be honest strains the ears and at points becomes completely audible in what she is singing. The song though speeds up near the middle which begins to sound promising but it never really delivers the goods, Florence is still screeching over the music.

The final song I listened to was ‘You Got The Love’ which is much much better than the previous two tracks, so much so I think I actually like it – despite it being a cover. The music was great and well put together, the harp was a very neat little addition to the song. The vocals work well with the whole backing band, it somehow blends into the mix. The lyrics though are still rather weak, there’s a lot of repitition of the chorus throughout the song – bad move. The original song is longer than Florences version though, possibly being the reason for the constant repitition. The song itself though is quite uplifting in its music and style, the kind of song you hear during an appeal for Comic Relief.

Overall I feel that Florence And The Machine have the ability to be a great band, possibly taking 2009 by storm. However there a few poor tracks in their arsenal which hopefully will be scrapped and replaced with happier bouncier songs such as ‘You Got The Love’. Admittedly the lyrics are cheesy but not all music can be serious can it? Saying that though some seriousness has to be paid toward writing the songs, both ‘Hospital Beds’ and ‘Kiss With A Fist’ are dire. Here’s hoping their debut album is fuelled by happiness and fun, not dreary vocals and unoriginality.


2 Responses to Why Should I Care About Florence’s Machine?

  1. cougarmicrobes says:

    Hopital Beds is a Cold War Kids cover.

  2. cougarmicrobes says:

    OOps, pressed send before I had finished writing.

    Hopital Beds is a Cold War Kids covers. I agree with you though, i dont get why there is so much hype around this with just one (okish) track out and 2 covers.

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