Something which really does have to be shared, quite possibly the best dance ever. I was shown this last week at a party and it has become the mission of my friends and I to learn this dance before we go travelling Europe. For those of you who don’t know Scooter they’re a fairly awful band, but that’s all the fun of it! The singer looks fairly scary, like a modern-day viking. But anyway, the dance!

This song is called ‘Jumping All Over The World’, and it’s a pretty cheesy song but look at the dancing! I can’t believe the choreography in it, at first I thought it was just random dancing until you realise they’re all doing it in unison – and pretty well too.

There’s various ‘how-to’ videos on the interweb showing you how to perfect these moves, which I will probably be watching with intent at some point soon. The current plan is to learn the dance and go to a rave in Germany, then bust out the moves! There will probably be a lot of other people there doing the dance who are better than me and the people I’m with but it won’t matter, unless they’re doing a completely different dance and we look outdated and ‘uncool’.

Nevertheless, I will learn this dance by August and make lots of friends in Germany…hoorah!

Another Scooter video to feature the dance, look at them go!


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