ISPs Not To Disconnect Music Pirates

Another move in favour of illegal music downloads comes upon us today, with the government aborting plans to introduce new laws forcing ISPs (internet service providers) to ban users found downloading music illegally.

Intellectual Property Minister, David Lammy, said the plans had been scrapped as they were too complex and that both ISPs and the music industry have yet to reach a decision on music piracy. He also stated illegal music downloaders should not be arrested.

British Telecom released this statement: “We’re still hopeful that an amicable solution, without the need for legislation, can be reached. It doesn’t make sense to try to get people online and at the same time scare them away.”

This news comes only a few weeks after the RIAA announce they’re no longer prosecuting illegal music downloaders, leaving the music industry wide open to piracy without any threats now from ISPs or the music business in general. It is true something has to be done about the internet piracy, but it’s always going to be a factor. There is no way in policing the internet and as such people will take advantage of it, however despite the relative anonymity the world wide web allows, someone will always know who/where you are.

Now though it seems even if your ISP does know who you are and that you’re downloading music they’re not going to do anything about it, and neither is the music industry. Free music for all!


One Response to ISPs Not To Disconnect Music Pirates

  1. If there are policies that allow ISPs having control over, people will definitely take advantage of it. It will violate consumers’ right.

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