The NME Awards Tour 2009…

For the second year running the Shockwaves NME Awards Tour is coming to my local venue, the Engine Shed in Lincoln, and I am in shock over how NME can openly support such an awful lineup for a tour! The bands in question are Friendly Fires, White Lies, Florence And The Machine and headliners Glasvegas.

Last year’s lineup was far better than this abismal effort of ‘cutting edge’ bands, 2008 featured The Cribs, Does It Offend You Yeah and The Ting Tings. I’m not really a fan of The Ting Tings but they’ve had a big impression on music this year, which I’m not sure the 2009 artists will.

Firstly we have Friendly Fires, nothing special about them at all. I have seen them live and wasn’t impressed, I only know I’ve seen them perform live because I was told so the other day – that’s how exciting the show must have been. I gave them a quick listen again to see if I missed something but alas I was right in trying to forget the band, they’re nothing special at all. Also on the bill is Florence And The Machine, you haven’t heard of them either? Good. I have a sneaky suspicion NME/Shockwaves spent all their budget on the headliner act and had to settle on some random opener band for the tour (much like 2008 with Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong). Which begs the question – if you’ve not got enough money, why do you still run the tour? At least change headliner bands! Which is my main grievance…

White Lies are supposedly going to be the next big thing in music, and to be fair I hope they are. I’ve heard good things about them and apparently their debut album is currently #1 in the mid-week charts, so why are White Lies going through this regime of pointless exposure? Obviously the people buying White Lies’ album are the people who read NME anyway, so why go on tour with two undiscovered and one overrated band? Yes, overrated. That’s how I’m describing Glasvegas and I feel it is a very valid point. The band have been going since 2003 and have just made it onto the ‘cool list’ in NME late last year. They have thousands of fans all over Britain and I can’t for the life of me understand why! They’re just boring and bland, nothing new to bring to the table but it sells records…and gig tickets. This is the only reason I believe Glasvegas are headlining the tour – they will sell tickets. Not because they’re talented,  because they’re popular. Something which I hope is altered next year.

Finally, whilst reading various ‘bands of 2008’ posts around the web it seemed NME along with many other people agreed MGMT were the best band of last year…so why not book them? If MGMT were headlining the tour I’d gladly pay my £15.26 to see it, but instead I’m doing my hardest to avoid the pitiful Glasvegas.


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