Noise Restriction Petition Was A Hoax

The petition that found its way onto Facebook and quite possibly into your inbox has been declared as false and a hoax by the government today. The petition was in aid of stopping the possible noise restriction laws, which aren’t actually real. The petition has over 67,000 signatures and can be viewed at

A spokesperson for the Department of Media, Culture and Sport told the NME that currently there is “no universal plan to fit noise control devices, or any plans at all to fit them in the way described [by the petition]”.

This doesn’t come as much of a shock to me, as there are hundreds if not thousands of fake petitions on Facebook, all of them claiming to be saving the world if they can get so many signatures. I was however sent the link to the Facebook group and the petition many many times by different people in an attempt to take my signature and add it to their list, which obviously means people do feel strongly about the noise laws.

However at the minute the local authorities are able to install noise limiters in any venue they so wish, they just choose not to. All venues and clubs are built in the city centre or away from housing estates meaning they can play for longer and also louder. I can’t think of any club which would need its noise turning down, there are no neighbours to annoy and no people to complain as clubs usually open at 10pm – and you don’t go into town after 8pm unless you’re looking for a night out. Music venues nowadays are incorporated with very thick walls to at least muffle the sound being heard outside if not stop it altogether.

The petition then was obviously not real despite its very professional look and also a worthy cause –  if the threatening measures mentioned weren’t already at the disposal of your local council.


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