Unsigned Review: Lithurgy

Whenever I prowl Myspace Music for new artists under the genre of metal I’m usually very disappointed, most unsigned metal acts are unsigned for a reason – they’re awful. Conversely many signed metal acts are equally as terrible but this isn’t a rant about metal, this is a review of Brighton metallers Lithurgy.

Usually the downfall of most Myspace metal bands is their vocals, either they can’t get the gutteral scream that a metal bands needs or their recording is not of a high quality thus sounding distorted and more importantly unlistenable. Lithurgy however have mastered the metal vocals perfectly, just listen to their track Absolute Truth. It comes running at you with a maniacal sound of wailing guitars and deafening screams, and it’s great! The singing too is fairly decent, somewhat reminding me of Staind – although I’m not sure why. The song on the whole is reminiscent of early Pantera in it’s overall ‘this is metal, get used to it’ style.

The second song entitled Lost In Translation relies more on the gutteral noises that come from within, which isn’t a bad thing at all for any metal artist, bands like Napalm Death and Deicide rely on it – although Lithurgy aren’t that heavy. The anthem-esque chorus is a nice touch, truly adding depth to the music and the feeling that Lithurgy are all about the metal and would create circle pits at any venue.

The final song in this review is The Scourge which begins with some great drumming and guitar-work which sounds like it could be any of the great metal acts out there today. This song again brutalising your eardrums with blast beats and growls, reminding you metal is still alive and well in the garages of Britain. The solo is fairly epic, perfectly timed and a nice addition to the song. The vocals on this song are much more menacing and evil than the previous two, and to quote Strapping Young Lad the band are as ‘heavy as a really heavy thing’.

Overall: ****

Listen To: The Scourge

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/lithurgy

If you are in an unsigned band and would like to feature here then contact me with your band address and I’ll give a review in exchange for a link on your website to this blog. Just that easy!


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