His Master’s Venues

HMV has decided to branch out from the boring old selling records for money malarky, to the selling tickets for money at their own venues. It seems some companies haven’t lost out during the credit crunch at all, HMV have taken the crisis as a golden hello into expansion.

HMV will be taking over 11 venues across Britain with new business partners MAMA Group (who already own venues including the Barfly). HMV shall be taking over The Forum, Heaven, The Garage, The Borderline, G-A-Y and the infamous Hammersmith Apollo as well as 5 others.

Venues shall be renamed to include HMV, for example the Apollo will now be HMV Apollo and The Forum will be HMV Forum.

I can’t quite understand why this is happening to be honest. I highly doubt any of these venues were failing, live music is more popular than ever at the minute even with the money crisis. The venues in question too are some of the busier and well-known halls around Britiain. I can understand if HMV wants to expand into the live music market, it’s a very lucrative market to be in if managed correctly, but why rename all the venues to inform the public of your presence?

Hammersmith Apollo was previously Hammersmith Odeon, renaming to the Apollo annoyed many people in the surrounding area – how do you think they’ll feel now it has become Franchise Apollo? Not quite the same feel to it really is it?


One Response to His Master’s Venues

  1. James Osborn says:

    Interesting point of view, funnily enough I’ve just written about almost the same thing and yours popped up in the feed – http://jamesosborn.wordpress.com

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