This Week’s Releases – 12th January 2009

It’s been a long time coming but here is the latest post to feature my opinions on this week’s  single/album releases. The simple reason it’s been nearly a month since the last ‘This Week’s Releases’ post is that nothing of any importance has been released. No-one has really had any money over Christmas so there’s no real point in releasing a single. However, this week there are a number of releases which provoke my opinion. The first of which lies in this week’s singles.

Frank Turner is back! Very happy to see Frank releasing a new single, it feels like it’s been years. As a fan of Million Dead and Turner as well, I hope the single does itself justice in the charts – but I don’t think it will. Many people throughout the UK know his name and may well have seen him live due to his almost constant touring (recently toured supporting The Levellers). The song though Reasons Not To Be An Idiot isn’t his best work. Frank has many brilliant songs in his musical arsenal but this isn’t one I would have chosen. Perhaps many of his fans think differently to me and I’m just missing something, but as much as I like Frank Turner I would prefer a different song.

Another single to be released this week is the new offering from White Lies. I have to admit I haven’t given the band much attention but as of late there seems to be a huge buzz about them and their debut album due out next week. Perhaps this single could be the start of something big for the band, which would be nice. As long as there are actualy bands dominating the charts instead of manufactured teenie bopper pop then all is right with the world. More than likely then, if everyone on the internet and the music websites who thinks White Lies truly are something special goes and buys their single then White Lies could pose a threat to the #1 spot.

Thank you Lady Ga Ga! Thank you so much. For those of you who don’t know, Lady Ga Ga knocked Alexandra Burke from the #1 spot this week with her debut single Just Dance. This week then sees the release of her debut album The Fame. Looking at her current chart position it seems her album title could be a sign of things to come, there is a very high possibility that Miss Ga Ga will become very famous this year and enjoy much success. Despite this though I’m still not a fan, it really isn’t my kind of music at all. But anyone who rids Alexandra Burke from the #1 spot is fine by me.


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