Record Of The Week: Week 8

Here we are then, the eighth week of Record Of The Week! Hooray! There have been an awful lot of songs I’ve listened to over the past week or so, I won’t mention them all in this post I think I’ll split them into the following weeks as well. This week will feature two songs, starting with…

Cotti & Cluekid – Sensi Dub

A true dubstep anthem, the vocal work alone make it just a great track to get your head bobbing. Both Cotti and Cluekid are huge names in the dubstep scene and this collaboration is just what you’d expect from them both. With the wobble-bass in the background and the drumwork both working together in such a mellow and slowed down way you can’t help but feel chilled when listening to it – hardly suprising considering the song title. Even if you’re not a huge dubstep fan you should give the song a listen, guarantee you’ll be singing along under your breath at some point during the day.

Graf Orlock – Border Crossing

A tremendous change in style now, from dubstep to grindcore. Graf Orlock are the perpetrators of what is known as cinema-grind, which is the incorporation of movie soundbytes into very heavy grindcore music. At just 1:16 this song really packs a punch with its brutal music and savage vocals pummelling your ears into oblivion. With the start of the song featuring a clip from From Dusk ‘Til Dawn you know the song is going to be insane, much like the film. The speed at which Graf Orlock play is simply mind-blowing and Border Crossing is no exception, although it is an aquired taste.


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