Another Twist In Getting The Beatles Online

It has become common knowledge for those of us who purchase music online that The Beatles aren’t there. They don’t feature on any online service such as iTunes or Amazon. Many speculate that when the fab four’s music is finally uploaded to the world wide web they will top the charts almost instantly, but when will this day actually come?

It was announced last week that Norwegian website would be posting a series of podcasts which feature The Beatles’ music plus a commentary about each song. It was thought that all 212 podcasts featuring The Beatles would eventually be uploaded onto the internet…until Apple Corps got wind of it. Legal action was threatened due to the podcasts being unauthorised and as such the podcasts are no longer available on the internet.

Personally I can’t see what the annoyance is with a podcast, it’s not technically online music. Podcasts are basically radio shows for the new golden online age, everyone can have one. They are not music tracks which can be put onto a CD, they’re radio shows which will ONLY play in iTunes or on an iPod. Also if the podcasts featured talking about each song then it was hardly a listening experience of a lifetime. Apple Corps need to realise however that most Beatles fans already own a lot of their music and it’s very easy to aquire some more for free from the internet.

I have no idea what the constant ‘talks’ are about between The Beatles, EMI and Apple Corps but they need to realise that if people want music then they will get it – one way or another. Stop being so egotistical about the whole thing and put the back catalogue onto iTunes and make a bit more money for yourself, where is the problem?


One Response to Another Twist In Getting The Beatles Online

  1. ourboy says:

    I’ll take a different approach. Until Apple Corps finds a deal that best protects the Beatles’ image (and their $$$$), I say they should stay off line. In my opinion — and my guess is that I’m in the minority — Beatles music should be a premium. Fans should buy the vinyl or CDs so they have the album art, the liner notes, all that stuff. Downloading Beatles songs just seems…well…unnatural.

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