Predictions For 2009

Happy new year to everyone, and what a year 2009 is cracked up to be…or is it? 2008 saw the rise and fall of many artists both new and old, numerous bands making a comeback and many music stars sinking lower and lower into the abyss. But what’s instore for the avid music lover and the entertainment world in general over the next twelve months?

2008 was the year of the comeback, plain and simple. Countless bands made their (in some cases) triumphant return to music, possibly the most lucritive was Take That. The boys (minus Robbie) returned to the charts many many times, despite being somewhat older than during their previous success. 2009 though could see Robbie joining Take That though if rumours prove to be true, it is said that both Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow are interested in the whole group reuniting. Similarly with the successful comebacks of both Boyzone and Backstreet Boys (not so much New Kids On The Block) we could see many more pop acts return to the charts – who knows, S Club or Steps could be #1 in a few months time.

2008 also saw metal begin to enter the charts again after an absence of a few years. Albums from both Metallica and Slipknot were successes in the UK album chart, as was AC/DC’s latest album. Many underground acts who I had been following for a while gained fame in the music world, namely Rolo Tomassi. Bands who scream never used to get a look-in when the charts are concerned, but if weird experimental music is behind it then it is suddenly considered cool. I don’t mind this at all, I’m a huge fan of bands who experiment in their music – originality is getting harder to come by nowadays. 2009 then could see much more metal artists either return with a bang or emerge from the dingy back alley venues around the country. Also if rumours are to be believed then nu-metal could storm back with its head held high, Linkin Park did it this year and apparently Limp Bizkit are going to enter the music world – again. Many attempts at a comeback have been thwarted by lack of interest from metal fans, mainly due to the fact that nu-metal fans from 2000 (myself included) have grown up and couldn’t care less if Fred Durst is rollin’ or not. That said, I would love to see metal return in 2009 – I’m sick to death or manufactured pop tat.

So, basically I don’t think there’s going to be too much in the way of acts storming the charts in 2009. It will mainly be established artists cashing in on their current or former successes. Ideally though I would love new metal acts to storm the music world, which I think has a fair opportunity of happening. Radio stations just need to branch out from indie and pop music, if metal was played on Radio 1 often enough people would stop being so narrow minded about the genre and it could once again flourish in the charts.


2 Responses to Predictions For 2009

  1. tgpo says:

    I believe that radio and MTV artists that are already in place will continue their high status, but online smaller bands will continue to gain momentum without the major record company support. I think that 2009 will give new and exciting opportunities to smaller bands that would never have had a chance just a few years ago.

    As the music industry shifts from the Kung Fu grip of the large companies and back into the hands of the bands who make the music, I think we’ll witness a flourish of innovation and diversity. 2009 should be an exciting year for music fans and a scary year for major record companies.

  2. mat gazeley says:

    Lets hope you’re right!
    We need the hard stuff

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