Record Of The Week: Week 7

Here we are, in the seventh week now since I started this little idea of mine. So far I feel I have mentioned some really good tracks for you lovely people, and today should be no exception…depending on what you listen to. I’m going to be talking about 2 songs in this week’s edition, so let’s get this party started!

Cutting Pink With Knives – All Our Oldest Spirits And Ghosts

Sadly they have now split up, but Cutting Pink With Knives or CPWK were once flying the flag for crazy, experimental music throughout the UK and France. Due to the ridiculously fast tempo of all their songs, many lie under the 60 second mark –  this song however is 1:11 and still packs a rather hefty punch to your eardrums. Being one of the more audible songs CPWK have to offer (you can understand most of what is being said), the chorus takes what could be truly anthemic and drags it through the CPWK psyche machine and churns out one fantastic song. The brutal drumming throughout for which the band are well known adds to the song’s effect and reminds you just how mental experimental bands are.

Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia

A much more influential band now, in Dead Kennedys. One of the biggest early American hardcore punk bands who sung about the political system and how it is either wrong or could be changed for the better. The song Holiday In Cambodia attacks the similarities between Eastern totalitarianism and Western complacency, also featuring satirical lyrics about America’s youth. The music itself is punk through and through, in true Dead Kennedys style the vocals are somewhat psychedelic and the guitars are tuned high. For anyone with any interest in punk music at all should check out this song, it’s a great example of hardcore anarcho-punk from the USA which has had an effect on countless bands today.


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