Record Of The Week: Weeks 5 And 6

It’s been a very long time coming but here are the records of the week for this week and also for last week, as I’ve been rather busy as of late what with Christmas and all. But I’m here now, so let’s get this thing rolling!

Week 5

I’m only doing singles from now on, I’ve decided it’s far too much hassle to choose a particular album of the week. I don’t listen to albums from start to finish that often, but those that I do I will review and post in a separate blog. Easy.

Record Of The Week: Mildred Pierce – You’re My Spastic

Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s nothing to do with disabilities, it’s just a great song by two men who were part of the progressive/experimental band that is And They Will Riot. You’re My Spastic features relies heavily on distortion which you may think is a) pointless or b) cliché but it’s used to great effect. The song is basically a love song when actually listening to the lyrics, but it’s also a nice fun song to just jump around and nod along to. My advice is to at least try it out, it’ll lead you to a whole range of ‘underground’ bands.

Their EP used to be a free download from their Myspace, sadly this is no longer the case. But you can still listen to the song here:

Week 6

Record Of The Week: Arcade Fire – Wake Up

Anyone who knows this band knows just how good this song is, and it is a fanstastically written and performed song. The anthemic chorus is enough to excite even the most boring music lover. Arcade Fire are the perfect mix of punk, experimental rock and an orchestra. With so many people making up the band it’s no wonder the music sounds so deep and filled with many layers of grand music. This is the one song that really got me into Arcade Fire as a band, and since then I now have both albums and have seen them live. Something which HAS to be done.

Find it on Funeral, here:


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