The Genius That Is Spotify

Yet another digital music masterpiece has crossed my desktop, this time in the guise of Spotify. I was quite unsure what it was before I downloaded it by invite (soon to be available to everyone I’m told) and boy am I glad I have it! Much like many of these online music websites such as We7 and Myspace Music you can listen to tracks in full for free with the option to buy, but Spotify doesn’t rely on me having an internet browser running constantly as it can be shrunk down into my system tray.

Not only containing all the latest music and archives of pretty much everyone, the majority of albums come with reviews as well! This is something which I find most helpful when searching for some new tunage. However it does not have the good old ‘these sound like’ feature which is present on We7 and LastFM. This is a tad annoying as I found that little gizmo rather handy for finding new bands or rediscovering old ones, however I’m reserved to the fact that Spotify will soon incorporate this feature.

Unlike Myspace Music and LastFM, Spotify allows you to listen to albums from start to finish in full – albeit with an advert thrown in half-way through. This though is better than We7’s attempt as each track has an advert before it which is a major inconvenience if trying to listen to an album to review it. Some tracks having been cleverly engineered to flow into each other are cut apart by adverts telling you to change your phone or upgrade something you didn’t even know you had or cared about.

Overall then Spotify is the new face of digital music in my opinion, if an updated version becomes available with the ‘sounds like this band’ function then it will be the best thing since sliced bread. So if you know someone with Spotify go get yourself an invite, or wait until it’s available to all. Alternatively you can pay £9.99 a month for it without adverts at all, it depends how much you love your music.


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