Unsigned Review: The Dolphin Parade

When looking at the band name, two genres crossed my mind – another ‘the’ indie band or weird experimental screamo – The Dolphin Parade are none of these things. Listening to the track Human Zoo there is something strangely attracting about the sound coming out of my speakers, which I can’t quite put my finger on. The music itself is strong and tight, the vocal work (despite its constant changing) is pretty good also. Which is the downfall of so many unsigned bands these days, but The Dolphin Parade have managed to find a perfectly able singer and one which matches their style perfectly. I’m not sure what bands I could compare them to, you can hear different influences throughout their tracks.

The song Voyeur starts much slower than that of Human Zoo, an almost Radiohead-esque style to the music with its slightly droning vocal work until the mood suddenly changes with a huge punk break in. The Dolphin Parade proving they can master many genres, not just a particular one. The song though is far too short in my opinion, it had the potential to really go somewhere but being only 2:19 I’m left wanting more…which isn’t always a bad thing from a band.

My favourite of the tracks I heard though was Go Go Go which begins with an almost Eddie Vedder feel to it, then the chorus kicks in which sounds like melodious noise rock (if such a genre exists). The verses are sung wonderfully and the change in the feel to the chorus is great, you can picture fans singing it in unison live. The very ‘rock n roll’ breakdown doesn’t take too much away from the song luckily, I don’t feel like it should necessarily be there but it doesn’t damage the song really. Other than that, I would buy this song from iTunes as it is pretty damn good.

Overall: ****

Listen To: Go Go Go

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thedolphinparade

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